Marketing these days has turned into a more complex structure. Earlier it was very easy, Radio, Television, Newspaper and just magazines hence with marketing budgets anyone could inflate.b But now to market a product or services can be a vicious circle because if a marketer targeting urban customer than it’s going to be tough to sell because today consumer has become aware. Effective communication is the key to develop space in the market but it’s not an easy cup of tea if it would be then no one needs a marketing agency.

Delhi Talkies is a market agency whose potency is effective communication through audio-video promotion. Hiring a social media agency is easy anyone can give that but it has been really tough to communicate properly. The main services which has been imparted by DELHI TALKIES are as follow-

Digital Promotion Marketing Films, Television Commercials, Investors Pitch Films, Corporate Films, Telemarketing Marketing Films.

Above stated segments of films is the requirement of the current marketing structure where an entrepreneur can climb up to the ladder of success through increasing sales or raising funds according to the need of business.


Films are the best mode of effective market communication because the energy level remains same after prolong displays and that’s the key to embark upon the fleet of marketing, which is not possible with any human being.

Brand Endorsement means to associates a famous face with product or services. Especially in the case of new comer’s. Delhi talkies is there to help individuals, corporates or for manufacturing industries, In promotion through brand endorsement. Endorsing a brand is very important considering the nature of product or services. If someone keen to float a special message to the society or group of people than hiring a renowned face could be the key for lucrative output.


Every seller or services provider wants to be on the Front page of their segments. Initially or in the beginning phase of marketing, it seems to be an easy and approachable task. It would be but the reality is that “Other basket’s eggs always look fascinating”. If in the case of Vodafone marketing strategy, their face is ZOO ZOO and if you can remember on the other side airtel, which is now promoting one girl face. Now here I would like to ask one question and i.e. Whose adds is having more attraction and extraordinary recall value? Yes, you are right ZOO ZOO, because where ever you see ZOO ZOO image or a cartoon, immediately the image of VODAFONE comes into the mind.

So the main point to understand is that face can be anything human, animal, bird or manmade cartoon but the effective way to communicate the idea is the pivot point where marketing compass will move. Delhi talkies is the best-known marketing agency which understands the needs of product and services. Accordingly, then draft the desire marketing campaign which includes Brand Endorsement.