Mr. Neeraj Bhasin graduated from Delhi university having the diverse knowledge of his field as he has started his carrier from BOLLYWOOD Mumbai and worked for Top Most FILM PRODUCTION COMPANIES & CHANNELS, so the experience graph of Mr. Neeraj Bhasin touched the level of unpredictable growth that’s why some greatest shows where Mr. Bhasin gained experience Indian Idol, Dream job, MTV, IFFI Goa, Lo Kal Lo Baat, Good Morning Zindagi and many more.  

So anyone can imagine the in-depth knowledge and command of Mr. Bhasin on Film Production. His Dedication and Grip separates him from other Creative of his geographical Boundaries. People describe his works has international quality at Indian prices. who know Mr. Neeraj Bhasin says If you are looking for international quality of your films and promotions than he is the best person in North India.

It is important to renew yourself today in the era of this technology so that you can fulfill customer demand.

Today the customer expects quite a lot that he gets all the solos in one place so that his time and money are both left, as well as a foundation where communication.
There is also a foundation where communication is fast and effective. With this thought, Delhi Talkies was established. The time has come, where small-scale industry and large-scale industries, video production of international quality, product branding and packaging.
Like services can be obtained in one place, Delhi Talkies slogan is let’s Have Commercial gup Shop, a shop (commercial place) where now everyone can talk about revenue, sales, and ROI.
Now do not wait any longer, and talk to Delhi talkies today, bring your product or service to your buyer as soon as possible.
future development
Delhi Talkies want to give unique services to its clients such as bespoke tailor-made solutions, customer behaviors, trends reports, the best market for the product, the best time to launch and introduce of products and services into the market.
legal formalities, government rules, and norms thereby maximizing the profit of the clients.

“We believe that the Joy of being creative is beyond words because a good idea always inspires, grabs attention and compels action to everyone”- Dr-Neeraj Bhasin